Climax of Endhiran, based on Sujatha’s novel En Iniya Iyanthira

Wondering what the climax of Endhiran, which is based on Sujatha’s novel En Iniya Iyanthira, would be? Sujatha’s novel En Iniya Iyanthira had a climax in which the Robot will be dismantled.

Well, some of our sources say that director Shankar has planned two climaxes.

One of the climaxes will have Aishwarya Rai, the film’s heroine, killed by the Robot. Another climax will have Rajini dismantle the Robot keeping in tune with the book that Sujatha had penned. However, none of the sources have confirmed about this double climax and it’s also possible that the director may have other plans.

The shooting of Endhiran is almost over barring a few scenes. These scenes need to be shot in Delhi and the Endhiran crew had been running from pillar to post to obtain the necessary permission. In a recent function, Rajini had also mentioned that he was able to attend it only because the shooting in Delhi has been cancelled owing to denial of permission.

It is very difficult to obtain the permission to shoot in Delhi because of the security threat that the country is facing
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