Asin talks on what she loves

Asin opened her hearts on the ten things she loves.

There is no life without it. This is the only thing that keeps one lively. This beautiful feeling should be there in everyone’s lie.

I love cinema
I also have love. That is cinema. The reason for me to come to cinema is that love I have for it. In same way there should be love in everything. Then only the life will be beautiful.

I love myself
Before loving others I love myself. I love others as I like myself and that is the secret of my beauty.

I love my parents
God has sent my angel mother exclusively for me. That same God has given me my father as my pillar.

I love modeling
Modeling for advertisements and brand ambassadors is a separate world. Not everyone gets this opportunity. After lot of scrutiny only, a person is selected. I am very proud that I am one among them.

I love my friends
I have four friends right from my young age. Though we five are residing in five different continents we at least 40 to 50 mails every day. We are in that much touch. In cinema, Surya’s family and Vijay’s family are my close friends.
I love my home
I am a house bird. Since I have to go out doors for shooting purposes almost every day, I do not find time to stay at my house. So whenever I get rest, my favorite spot in my house. My house is heaven.

I love Chennai
Next to my house, Chennai is my favorite spot. As long I was acting in Tamil cinema I was staying in Chennai only. I can never forget the proximity I had with Chennai. I miss hot idly, sambar and Pongal.

I love music
There is nothing to be compared with good music. My life is filled with music. I love any kind of music. My all time favorite song is Ennavale from the film Kadhalan.

I love you all
People are telling that I have forgotten Tamil cinema and Tamil fans and have settled in Mumbai. They are asking me whether this is justified. It is not like this. Only Tamil films and fans have made me known in Bollywood. I will definitely come back. I love you all.

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