Endhiran Tamil Movie 90% ready

It’s official that 90 percent of ‘Endhiran’ is complete and the film will soon hit the screen. Also we have some news on ‘Endhiran’ previously unheard. Though the stills released or leaked so far didn’t give a clue to the film we come to know that it will be a treat to all fans with Rajini doing two things he knows best. Comedy and action.

The first part is said to be very humorous in the inimitable Rajini style. Santhanam gives company to Rajini in ‘Endhiran’ the way Vivek did in ‘Sivaji’. Punch dialogues are left to Santhanam as in ‘Sivaji’. So expect some clean high class hilarious moments. And we know how good the super star is in comedy scenes. If the first half is light the second half will compensate for it with pulsating actions. ‘Endhiran’ is going to be a wholesome entertainer.

Also the new young look of the Super Star is making news. The latest pictures released show Rajini and Aishwarya in vibrant costumes with the help of Hollywood technicians who worked for films like ‘Batman Returns’ and ‘Men In Black’. It is thrilling to see an absolutely handsome Rajini as we have seen in films like ‘Gayatri’ and ‘Billa’ in those days. Two songs were picturised in never been to locations in Hawaii Islands and Brazil.

‘Endhiran’ film has strengthened the relationship of Rajini and Shankar much stronger. It has moved beyond Actor-Director levels, one reason could be the similarity between them.

Shankar also has deviated from a usual Rajini film happening with ‘Endhiran’. Usually all Rajini films in recent times were shot either out of Tamil Nadu or overseas. But to the joy of Rajini fans Shankar shot a lot of portions in and around Chennai.
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