Trisha getting her act together!

So we know now that the dreamy-eyed Trisha is to make her Bollywood debut in a movie directed by Priyadharshan, who also directed her first Tamil flick Lesa Lesa! And for any Southern star, making an entry into the extra glamorous B-town is a indeed a dream come true.

Trisha is indeed excited about the opportunity, but she’s not jumping the gun and moving to Mumbai altogether. “No way! I am not moving to Mumbai. Chennai is my hometown and has given me everything. Just because I was successful in Telugu, did I move to Hyderabad? I will never shift base from there,” she says quite firmly.

Director Priyadharshan is absolutely happy to have cast Trisha, and is said to be taking care to show the star in the right light so she is accepted by all-India audiences. Apparently, he has also arranged for dialogue delivery coaching classes, to ensure she gets the lip-sync right. Shooting for the movie starts later in October, so let’s hope all goes well for Trisha, but may she never forget her fan following here!
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