Tamil cinema at World Classical Tamil Meet

The Tamil film industry got together today to announce their support for the World Classical Tamil Meet that is scheduled to be held in Coimbatore in July next year. A special meeting was convened today in Chennai which was attended by representatives from all the film organizations of the Tamil film industry including the Nadigar Sangam, Producers’ Council, Directors’ Association etc. It was unanimously decided at the meeting to extend full support, cooperation and participation to the event. The role of the film industry in the scheme of things for the event has not yet been disclosed.

Meanwhile the preparations for the event have begun in earnest. Tamil scholars from around the world are getting ready for Classical Tamil Meet. Yesterday, the official logo of the event was unveiled. It consists of the gigantic Thiruvalluvar statue in Kanyakumari. The logo shows the statue as it is about to be lashed by waves from the tsunami of 2004. The picture at the centre is surrounded by seven icons from the Indus Valley Civilization. The logo gives a message to mankind, calling for a world free from race, creed and caste.

With the Tamil film industry too getting involved, the World Classical Tamil Meet 2010 has indeed become a huge event to watch out for next year.
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